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July 15, 2024Dancing trees; Heal the planet, heal thyself; Indoor ice park insanity
July 08, 2024Tree time; Fruit in the palm of my hand; natural disobedience?
July 01, 2024Tree "protection"area; Pink flowers and red lines; Insect Shield
June 24, 2024Busy beavers; Evolution is my religion
June 18, 2024Big volunteer effort in Toronto; one less extinction to worry about
June 10, 2024Please multiverse, be real. Internet addiction changes the brain.
June 03, 2024National Trails Day -> goodbye spindle; Bad AI, Bad! and avoid brightly colored plastic.
May 27, 2024A paper mulberry story
May 20, 2024OMG - Rewild Earth t-shirts and a final exam in the woods
May 13, 2024I love my job. The cicada-geddon and other natural wonders
May 06, 2024APO and EE Rock! Capacity to heal may decline. Invasives and the soundscape.
April 29, 2024I wrote a poem? Knowledge vs Wisdom. Billionaires Suck.
April 15, 2024New park approved for tree rescues and Hillsborough goes all in on native species
April 08, 2024#1 Priority: reduce consumption, # Priority for tree rescues: safety
April 01, 2024First oak leaves of the year! New saws thanks to your donations, a real-time tree rescue
March 25, 2024First Rewild Earth donation and a new (scary) plastics database
March 18, 2024Powerful ants, TWO wonderful tree stories, cool new website feature, more unasked-for advice
March 11, 2024Major Milestone Achieved, Mountain of Things, Bag of Olives
March 04, 2024Rewild Earth live on Instagram! (and an ode to trees from Cat Stevens)
February 26, 2024Rewilding works, a story from the United Kingdom
February 19, 2024Nandina success story, pleasant flashbacks, and very cool trees
February 12, 2024New worksite, terrible herbicides banned, and some thoughts on human exceptionalism
February 05, 2024Amazing tree fossils, and how I avoid distractions
January 29, 2024Enormous wisteria vine, and the complex impacts of invasives
January 22, 2024Picking up the pace in 2024
January 15, 2024A great start to the new year
January 08, 2024Volunteer-powered invasive removal in 2023
January 01, 2024A new year and a renewed focus on planet healing!
December 25, 2023
December 18, 2023As winter settles in, our work with invasives changes
December 11, 2023Saving all we can, most importantly our neighbors
November 27, 2023Help me save Carolina North
November 06, 2023Outside's better than inside!
October 30, 2023Seasons change, our work continues!
October 23, 2023Factories, Urgency, Joy
October 09, 2023Artificial Flavor, Artificial Data - All Bad News
October 02, 2023From Evolution to Friluftsliv, Out of the Box Living
September 25, 2023
September 18, 2023TriWild Saturdays, Pocket forests, Piedmont prairies, and more!
September 11, 2023Invasive species cost humans $423bn each year and threaten world’s diversity
September 04, 2023It's that time - time to pull stilt grass!
August 21, 2023Fenced areas in place at Brumley South!
August 14, 2023Planet healing straight through the summer heat (safely)
August 07, 2023We've started phase TWO of native ecosystem restoration at Brumley!
July 31, 2023Rewilding Earth through the heat
July 24, 2023A hot, wet summer - and many native trees rescued!
April 03, 2023What can be better than helping heal out planet?
March 20, 2023Spring is almost here and that means increased urgency to push back on invasives
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