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A far-from-exhaustive set of resources on ecosystem restoration. At this time, it mostly reflects Steven Feuerstein's focus on invasives. Do you have a resource to add to this list? Click on the Feedback bubble, top right, and let us know!

A Management Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern ForestsThis book provides the latest information on how to organize and enact prevention programs, build strategies, implement integrated procedures for management, and proceed towards site rehabilitation an
Biocontrol Factsheets for Invasive SpeciesPeer-reviewed weed biocontrol publications for use by land managers and landowners
Controlling Invasive PlansHelpful PDF guide from North Carolina Botanical Garden
EMERALD ASH BORER Insecticide GuideThis guide is intended to assist N.C. homeowners & natural resource professionals in selecting and applying a pesticide to treat or protect ash trees from emerald ash borer. Regardless of the content
Ellerbe Creek Watershed AssociationThe Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association is a nonprofit working to restore a healthy, living creek that connects people and nature in Durham.
Glyphosate: Uses, Safety and Environmental ImpactGlyphosate is an herbicide and main ingredient in Roundup, a popular brand of weedkillers. Research shows a potential link between prolonged and high levels of exposure and increased risk of cancer.
How I learned to love toxic chemicalsA great story by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank about how he learned that using herbicides is the only effective way to deal with invasive species.
Invasive Species Calendar of Control - Southern IndianaExcellent graphical display of what to use when to control invasives
Invasive Species Teaching ResourcesFrom Science Lessons That Rock
Mistaken Identity: Invasive Plants and Their Look-Alikes
NC Invasive PlantsSpecies fact sheets and tools by region within North Carolina
National Invasive Species Information CenterThe gateway to invasive species information; covering U.S. federal, state, local, and international sources.
North American Invasive Species Management AssociationNational organization helping to remove invasives across North America
Pulling Down the Purple ReignA Guide to Whacking Wisteria: step by step guidelines for removing wisteria
Resources for GardenersGardening with native plants restores lost connections between plants and wildlife. The North Carolina Botanic Garden offers many resources to help plant natives.
The Goat SquadSince 2012, The Goat Squad’s Mission has been to offer vegetation removal, educate people about native plants, and introduce our herd of useful and friendly goats.
The Secret Life of Plant KillersTo take out invasives, the US relies on crews wielding hatchets, chainsaws, and herbicide. It’s a messy, fun job—but it may not be enough to stop the spread.
Tips for Using ToolsWe commonly use saws, loppers, shears, chainsaws and more to remove invasives. This document offers tips for each kind of tool.
Triangle Land ConservancyImproving Our Lives Through Conservation
Woodland Invasives: Doing Battle with Non-Native PlantsA wonderful story of how David Paganelli took on a seemingly overwhelming bunch of invasives on his 20 acre property.
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