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Tree Extractor

Weed Wrenches, Pullerbears, Uprooters, Extractigators: These tools are used to lever out saplings by the root, from a foot to 12 feet in height (depending on species and thickness of trunk at base). So you kill them dead, but also disrupt the ground quite a bit.

Of the four brand names listed above, I am 100% a devotee of Extractigators. They feature a “second generation” design that is lighter and much easier to use.

Usage Tips
  • Be careful with your back! It is really easy to damage back muscles if you try too hard. Let the tool and gravity do the work for you.
  • Instead of pulling on the lever, turn around with your back to the tree and push instead, and use your body weight and gravity to supplement your muscles.
  • If it comes out part way then stops, try swiveling the tool around the trunk and then lever it out from a new direction.
  • If it’s hard to get down to the base of the tree, lop it off 8-10 inches up from the ground, remove the “top”, and then you will have clear access to apply the tool.
  • Give up if it’s too hard and you are not getting the tree out. These tools are not for every tree. If it’s not “giving”, then switch to cut and paint with herbicide.
More Information
Recommendation for Occasional Use
Recommendation for Intensive Use