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Buckthorn Blaster

The Buckthorn BlasterĀ® (NAISMA) is used to apply herbicide* to freshly cut stumps and stems. Use of indicator dye is highly recommended for visual assurance of complete treatment area coverage as shown in the photo at right. NAISMA's Mark-It Blue Dye product is a highly concentrated water soluble landscape dye for use with herbicide.

Usage Tips
  • Before using, check for leaks. Consider storing the Blaster upright in a plastic water bottle (get a second use out of it!). That will make it easy to see if there is a leak, and avoid the leak spreading.
  • When removing the cap (and it putting it back on after use), hold the Blaster upright. This will reduce the chance of spillage.
  • Don't rub the tip on the stump. That will wear it out faster. Instead, dab lightly, making sure that the tip if saturated with herbicide.
  • Always screw the cap back on tight after each use. They are really easy to lose!
  • Don't leave the Blaster on the ground. They disappear quickly.
  • Consider spray painting container and cap a bright blue.
More Information
Recommendation for Occasional Use
Recommendation for Intensive Use