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Weed Wand Magic Applicator

The Weed Wand Magic is a weed killer applicator that is perfect for spot applications of herbicides and safe to use even on windy days. It is easy to use, with no bending over, no leaking, and no overspray.

Usage Tips

To use the Weed Wand Magic Applicator, simply push the wand's applicator tip onto the weed. The piercing points on the applicator tip inject the herbicide into the weed.

This applicator is similar to Buckthorn Blasters. The plus side is that you don't have to bend over. The downside is that when you are doing cut-and-paint, you have to get down to do the cut and then get back up to use the wand.

Probably most useful when you are working in pairs, with one person cutting and another following behind to paint.

More Information
Recommendation for Occasional Use
Recommendation for Intensive Use